RIAH Website Launch

Welcome to the RIAH website! We’re excited to launch this site to record and update on our progress for this research project. As the project progresses, we will be posting updates about the project, research outputs, and linking to other important resources and information.

Through this research we aim to improve the understanding of the nature, frequency, scale, and impact of attacks on healthcare in conflict through improved data collection and analysis. As we’ve seen in the past, attacks on health often threaten the sanctity of health care, disrespect the right to health care, and violate international humanitarian law.

Gathering evidence of attacks has been crucial in raising awareness of the issue. Existing evidence is largely restricted to the reporting of incidents and their immediate impact, and we know little about the longer-term and wider impacts of attacks on healthcare access and utilisation as well as broader public health outcomes.

We expect this research will transcend previous work on attacks against healthcare by providing both new and sustained data collection over the lifetime of the project about the instances of attacks and their impact. In doing so, we aim to generate stronger evidence of the scale and nature of the problem and document the impacts of the attacks to support global policy and advocacy efforts. We are conducting several exciting in-depth case studies and will update this site as they progress.

In addition to our academic partners at University of Geneva, Johns Hopkins, and UC Berkeley, Insecurity Insight is working with us on the data collection and processing work, and Chatham House, The Royal Institute of International Affairs, will work with us on policy and impact activities.

To be added to the mailing list for regular updates please email riah@manchester.ac.uk.

Dr Larissa Fast and Dr Stephanie Rinaldi

RIAH Website Launch